Health: the Impact of Conflict
on Health, 1974-1999

Dossier MZ-0071 (k)

The conflict between the government and RENAMO from the late 1970s until 1992 had a catastrophic effect on health services in Mozambique. Health posts, health workers, and clean water supplies were all deliberately targeted by rebel fighters. There was massive population displacement and a sharp increase in infant mortality.

This dossier includes two pamphlets both with the title “Health Under Attack” and published respectively in 1974 and 1987: despite the identical titles, they are in fact different publications.

Health under attack, CFMAG Health under attack, Frelimo Party

Above: The covers of the two pamphlets, with identical titles, published 13 years apart respectively by the British solidarity group CFMAG and the Frelimo Party. Click on the images to download the pamphlets, which are also included in the dossier (see below).

The dossier includes a March 1987 text “The impact on health in Mozambique of South African destabilisation” by Dr Abdul Razak Noormahomed and Dr Julie Cliff. See also along the same line of analysis the articles "Mozambique health holding the line" by Julie Cliff, Najmi Kanji and Mike Muller (Review of African Political Economy no.36, September 1986, pages 7-23); “South African destabilization and health in Mozambique” by Julie Cliff and Abdul Razak Noormahomed (Review of African Political Economy no.42, 1988, pages 76-81); and “Health as a target: South Africa's destabilization of Mozambique” in Social Science and Medicine vol.27 no.7, 1988, p.717-722. All of the above require subscriptions.

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